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-Get an Elite RB in 1st round: Invest in a RB early because out of 32 teams, there are only around 10 who produce elite numbers week in and week out, so try to get one while there is a good selection available! Buyer beware though, runningbacks get injured more often than any other position group.

-Drunk Drafting: If your league has social drafts either at someone's house or at a bar or restaurant. Then you will need to stay away from the guy buying shots for everyone. He is definitely one of those guys that knows that drunk drafting, usually ends up in a last place finish and a wasted fantasy season.

3.) Free Agency

Fantasy Football for Beginners 

-Sleeper picks:  If your magic eight ball is trying to speak to you, which everyone gets while drafting, that feeling you get when your research tells you to take a chance on a player who has potential but has not  quite put it all together yet. Sleeper picks are always risky, but are a necessary risk, if you hit on just ONE late round sleeper pick that provides top 3 round value your odds of winning essentially double! Even if your sleeper pick ends up being a dud, the waiver wire will provide more than enough to cover your ass on your draft busts. Although, unless you absolutely have to have someone, do not reach too far past draft projections for a sleeper pick. IF that pick ends up being a bust, you will have lost out on some really good talent with that pick. Be cool, and let the draft come to you!!

-A common mistake FFL owners make every season is thinking their players are more valuable than they actually are! Sending me a trade that offers me Pierre Garcon for my Antonio Brown wide receiver is just not gonna happen. Don't insult people's intelligence by sending out one sided offers because the only thing you will do is piss off your league mates. Now I am not saying go drop the guy at the first sign of trouble but if a guy week in and week out continues to struggle then you may want to start looking elsewhere for points. However, if the guy holds value by being a high round pick you may want to explore the possibility of trading him first, just be realistic on what you can get for the guy!

Feel free to                             on your trade idea and be descriptive, because the more in detail you are about your roster, the better we can help you. Please allow 36-48 hours response time in order for us to generate the best customized response.

-Fixed Draft Position: If you know where you are drafting then it should be easy to join a mock draft lobby and slide into your draft slot. You can find some live mock draft sites here.

- Random Draft order: Allow yourself enough time before your draft to join a few mock drafts. slide into every draft spot and take notes of who will be available to you in each round and each end of the draft.


2.) Draft Strategy


1.) Be Prepared for your draft

4.) Trades

- Hitting up free agency after a few busted sleeper picks is a guarantee for you to have ANY shot at winning your league. Don't be scared to drop late round draft picks who are not performing. Every year there are new players who no one saw coming that fill out championship rosters across the country. Free agency allows you a small window to add some serious points to your team but you have to move quickly because more then likely other owners are looking at the same player.

-QB's can wait: Unless you are starting a dynasty league, you can find good QB talent in the 5th through 10 rounds of your draft and should not reach in the first or second rounds that will inevitably sacrifice your overall roster depth. In ESPN's 2015 QB projections out of their projected top 10, only FIVE actually finished the year there in scoring, which should tell you that it's not even a guarantee you get 20-25 point's per week when using a top draft choice on a QB. 

-League Settings: Read thoroughly and know them well!

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